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How to plan effectively as a Hair Stylist

Rocks, pebbles and sand

Before I started planning my week effectively, I struggled to keep a healthy work/life balance.  If I wasn’t working on growing my business or practicing on my doll’s head then I would beat myself up, and either not be present on a family film day, or feel overwhelmed by all the tasks I had to complete. Sound familiar?

Being self employed, you never really have a ‘home time’, so working whilst cooking my kids pasta became the norm! After numerous burns, and a few overcooked dinners I realised my current work schedule just wasn’t working for me or my family, so I began researching ways to become more organised.

After trialing a few methods I found a real game-changer…my weekly planner. I discovered a few different techniques for completing a weekly planner and I’ve now refined my process, which I want to share with you all.

All you need is a sheet of A4 paper. Draw two lines vertically, splitting the page into thirds, then another horizontally across the page. Finally, I split the very last box horizontally, and write Monday to Sunday in each box.

First I enter any weddings, trials, models I have booked in, appointments, kids clubs, exercise/PT sessions and anything else that is unchangeable and important to me. You may have heard the metaphor about the rock, pebble, and sand, where a professor fills an empty jar to explain what is important in life (if you haven’t read it before then google it, it’s a great little story).  Well, these unchangeable events are my rocks.

Next, my admin work is my pebbles.  I’ll look for 1-2 hours slots during the week where I can work on marketing campaigns, updating my accounts, schedule my social media posts, write my blogs, return emails, practice on my dolls head… just to name a few things.

Finally, I enter my sand, which for me is things like washing, ironing and general house stuff that needs to be done to keep the house running.

Usually, I try to mark Sunday as a day off and will ensure I spend that time with my family (and not think about work)! I like to plan the following week on a Friday lunchtime, which enables me to switch off over the weekend.  Once I started planning this way I finally started to get some structure, meaning I wasn’t trying to grow my Instagram following whilst cooking the kids dinner!

Why not give this method a go and see if it helps you as much as it did me! Also, if you want more tips and help with the other stuff, such as marketing campaigns, growing a social media presence, getting your accounts in order, then check out my Business Bootcamp course.

It’s a bit rough and ready, I know, but that’s almost why I like it more!  No faffing around on computers required, and no expensive diary in sight!


Thanks for reading!


Lisa x