Published on By info@lisaalger.comNew Years Resolutions Update

New Years Resolutions Update

So, as we have completed four months of 2019, I was wondering how many people are still working towards their 2019 goals. I suppose the title of this post is a little misleading, but I do refer to my 2019 goals as new year resolutions. There wasn’t anything I was trying to stick to daily or to give up, so what I set myself was definitely goals and not resolutions!

I’m pretty pleased with my progress in four months and have ticked off lots of my to do list already!  I broke my main goals down in to lists of things I needed to do in order to achieve each goal and gave myself a deadline of 100 days to achieve the first batch of things on my list.  In one of the many business books I have read this way of setting goals is proven to be most effective, and I am 100% behind it!  The things I’ve achieved in the last four months, and in turn moving me a huge step towards completing my 2019 goals by the end of the year, are:

  • Reaching 10,000 Instagram followers
  • Completing all my products for The Lisa Alger Academy
  • Refurbishing our bathrooms
  • Loosing 11lbs in weight

Achieving these four goals has had huge knock on effect too and therefore taking my path in to new directions. For example, since reaching the 10k mark with my Instagram followers I have received some amazing new products to try, including hair extensions from American brand Luxy Hair and also a hairdryer and straighteners from Panasonic, which I’ll be creating a tutorial with very soon!

The launch of my Business Bootcamp was intense but so rewarding and I’m pleased I can help new and existing hairstylists grow and manage their businesses more effectively.

My personal goals of new bathrooms and my weight loss are all big steps in the right direction of helping manage my anxiety.  A healthy body and a tidy home have a huge effect on me achieving a peaceful mind.

So what does the next 100 days have in store?  Well firstly 100 days takes me up to a few days before my summer holiday, so that means the healthy eating and exercise is being ramped up a notch!  I’ve already started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and am noticing a difference already. I’m also documenting all my food and trying to discover the trigger foods and drinks that can start off my IBS symptoms as well as my anxiety.  My goal is to be wearing a bikini with confidence and have a list of foods that I’ll try to avoid.

My other personal goal is to have our garden finished so we can enjoy the summer without any work being done outside. It isn’t a huge job so hopefully this one can be achieved without too much hassle!  I’m also planning on repainting the house myself (I think my husband is hoping all the years of applying makeup and the fact I’m a perfectionist will mean my painting skills are pretty good).  I’d love to have this all completed in the next 100 days as then the house refurb will be 100% completed and one of my 2019 goals already achieved!

As for work goals, I’m not setting myself any strict goals until after my holiday as my wedding season kicks off with 7 weddings in May!! It’s important to me to put my brides first and solely concentrate on their big days.  I’m sure I’ll be dreaming up my next big idea during this time though, but I have a specific section in my ‘bible’ titled Brain Dump where I literally dump all the things spinning around in my head. This helps me concentrate on the tasks in hand and come back to them when I’m planning my next 100 days!

It’s been really cathartic writing down what I’ve achieved so far this year and has been a really positive experience, so whilst I’m on holiday in August I’ll write another blog post and see what I’ve achieved in those 100 days.