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Learn to style hair from home

If you’ve been thinking about starting a wedding hair business but you want to increase your confidence, inspiration and techniques then my online wedding hair training academy is for you!  You can either sign up for £15 a month and have access to over 30 tutorials instantly, then receive a weekly video each month for an entire year whilst still subscribed.  Or if you are like me, and would want access to every single tutorial (over 80 videos) straight away, without waiting, then you can become a yearly member for just £350.  As a yearly member you also get access to bitesize versions of all hairstyles, so you can have a 1-2 minute refresher before recreating a style, plus they are discreet and can be watched on your phone should you need a quick reminder on a wedding morning! You will also be invited to a Facebook group with other yearly members where you can watch quarterly webinars and ask any questions you want covered!!

This video gives a glimpse into some of the styles that are covered in the online training and offers valuable tips, such as how to create four styles using one type of bun.  All videos on the online training academy has talk through, step by step instructions on how to recreate each style.

Happy learning xx