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Why I am stopping makeup

Anyone that has followed me for a while may have noticed I use to offer makeup services to my brides, as well as hair.  However, during 2019 I’m making the transition to offering wedding hair styling only to my brides and clients, and from 2020 I’ll no longer be offering any makeup services at all. I wanted to explain my reasons for this, as although I’ve told many people why, I realise that those who haven’t been following me for quite as long, but see ‘makeup’ on my old website, are confused when I tell them I’m now hair only.

Since I started the online wedding hair training in 2018, and posting pictures of these styles on my Instagram, I began to get enquiries for me to recreate some of the more intricate hairstyles. Obviously it is a real compliment when your work is a bride’s inspiration photo but trying to recreate the style within a reasonable time window, as well as perfecting the brides makeup, was becoming extremely difficult.  I’m such a perfectionist that I’d hate for one of my services to slip, so I came to the conclusion that it’s better for me, and my clients, to offer hair only, and for the bride to find a makeup artist to solely concentrate on her makeup.

And for those weddings this year that I’m booked for both hair and makeup?  Well, I’ve allowed extra time per person and brought in an assistant or second stylist where needed.

I absolutely still love makeup, and it’ll be a shame to stop, but I think I’m making the right choice and I’m looking forward to working with some very talented makeup artists both this year and for years to come.

If you are looking for a wedding hair stylist in Essex then please get in contact as soon as possible, as 2019 is already fully booked, and 2020 is half full!


Here are some wonderful makeup artists that I can highly recommend and have previously worked with:

Kelly Hollands:
Victoria Taylor:
Amanda Twynam:
Sarah Drummond:
Debbie Lloyd: